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Hoof Prints Photos are professional photographers based in  Northamptonsire.

Our digital event photography business, was founded early in 2000 at a time when digital cameras and printing equipment were really new to the market.  We’re sure we were the first in the field too – and we’ll take that pun too!
Much has changed over the last couple of decades – our first  dye sublimation  printer weighed a whopping 56lbs and we shifted it around the country to a large number of equestrian events.  Today that one is long gone, and many more in between too.  Thankfully our current printers are much lighter and have far better capabilities today too, including one very large format printer (that we all merrily refer to as ‘Hagrid’) that prints up to a massive 24” by 36” on site, making it perfect for major events where you, our valued customers, want a real show stopping print to take home with you.

Initially we ran primarily as a husband and wife team. Graham as our hugely experienced photographer and Frances, who brought a background in customer service, technology and communications.  We played to individual strengths back then but as the years have gone by our skill sets have deepened and grown, as has our family and our team of trusted talented photographers, printing and sales staff too.

With our specialty in equestrian sport of all levels and disciplines Hoof Prints is as likely to be at a riding club show in Bedfordshire as a National Championships in Gloucestershire.   A good number on our team are riders and competitors themselves, which we believe shows we are able to put ourselves in the eyes of competitors to help bring the best photographic options the day can provide

Today we operate with two custom fitted trailers, each which hosts multiple viewing screens.  These trailers and our strong team mean we have the capability and flexibility to cover more events each year by truly being in multiple places at once without compromise to our customers and the range of products available each day.  At major multi day events Hoof Prints are often found operating from a marquee that often enables us to provide additional viewing stations together with printing and sales staff to look after the needs of our customers.  Of course with the benefit of Hagrid on site we can deliver those all-important large format prints or bespoke montages too. 

If you look up and you may well spot our much travelled glitter ball in the rafters too – well, why not!

We continue to work with each of our show organisers, Equestrian Centre’s and venues to ensure we deliver a great service to all and it’s with immense pride that today we still attend many of those very first events we covered.   We truly are grateful for the all the support we have received over the years and look forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones at an event very soon.

Graham, Frances and the Hoof Prints Team.

For your convenience all your photos will be available to view and order through our secure password-protected pages, enabling you to select your favourite pictures from the comfort of your own home.

We offer  a range of quality prints and products available for individual purchase.

All photos can be  licensed for commercial, publishing or personal use, making them suitable for home, business, web sites, as well as publication purposes.

Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!